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October 2008
Sue Hunter

Native of AZ? If not where you relocated from and how long ago?
I am a native of Arkansas but have lived in Arizona since 1960. .

How long have you been involved with APAA?
I was a charter member when it was first created. We met at the Washington Adult Center.

In what capacities have you served APAA?
I was Program Chair (can't remember the year but we were still meeting at WAC).

What formal art education, if any, do you have?
My degree is in Business but I have taken many classes at Scottsdale Artists School and with many local and national instructors.

What informal art education, workshops, etc. have you taken part in that have impacted your art?
I believe every class I have taken whether it is oil, pastel or watercolor has impacted my art. I read an article in Pastel Journal many years ago about an artist (whom I met) that used oil wash underpainting (she also worked in oils) and that was the turning point. I have adapted it for classes using pastel and alcohol. But I like to use the oil wash even though it takes longer to dry. I see a lot of people using that method now.

Do you work in other media…or just pastel?
I work in oils and watercolor and occasionally acrylics.

Are you a full time artist? If not are you still working? If so, what do you do?
I guess I am a full-time artist. I teach art and paint and do my housework and yard work and take care of my three dependents. I need a maid and gardener.

Are you a member of other art organizations as well?
Yes, Scottsdale Artists League, Arizona Artists Guild, Arizona Watercolor Association, Degas Pastel Society and Mid-Southern Watercolorists.

What are your goals for your art…a career, second career, enjoyment or hobby, become rich and famous, etc.
My main goal is to keep improving my art, it is my career.

Why have you chosen pastels as a medium?
When I first tried pastels I loved the rich wonderful bright colors and no brushes to clean or chemicals to worry about.

Do you work in themes or series? If not…do you have favorite topics?
I don't think of series, sometimes I work on objects that may appear to be a series. But I don't intentionally work in series. I like roosters, sheep and trees and flowers so it is difficult to think of one favorite.

Are you represented by any galleries?
Yes, Sedona Art Center and Raku Gallery.

Any experiences, awards, etc. that have been boosts for your career?
I have won lots of awards over the years but when someone purchases a painting and tells me how much it means to them, then I feel I have accomplished something.

Are you married? Do you have children?
Yes, to my husband John. We celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary in June. I have one daughter, Lisa (encourages my art) and John has 3 sons. So we have 4 children. One cat, Sydney and a cute little dog, Benji.

Anything else that you would like to share about yourself?
I have a pastel painting accepted in the Degas Pastel Society exhibition. It is from an area near my hometown that I saw on a visit to my sisters in Arkansas (top image). It captured the quality of the early morning and there is a bit of mystery to the scene.

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