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June 2009
Gary Binder

It seemed appropriate while taking on the role of collecting APAA newsletter info to let you know something about how art is integrated to my journey through and enjoyment of life. I’m pleased to share my story with you, and hope you can reciprocate at some point in time.

Art provides an outlet for expression, mood and appreciation for the world around me. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, my interest in art started by experiencing the pride of craftsmanship and ingenuity of the Pennsylvania Dutch, blended with visits to local museums and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Over time, through courses, workshops, practice and the friendship of other artists, art became an integral part of my life. In the late 80’s, Angelina Wood, a former Franklin, MA. artist encouraged me to take more courses, try new art venues and join in with local art groups. Since then, I’ve taken several courses and workshops in pastels, watercolors and oils with notable artists, Frank Federico, Robert Carsten and others. While living in Massachusetts, I became an active member of the Franklin Art Association, participating in numerous shows and events. In 2007, a move to Arizona provided new approaches to art and light-enhanced painting venues. Much of my painting career is linked to the love of the outdoors and the pleasure of observing and translating the natural world. As a frequent traveler, hiker and nature lover, capturing my impression of the world around me is my way of remembering and expressing my feelings about an experience.

My art mediums are watercolor, pastel, oils and acrylics. Each provides different approaches to expressing an image, while keeping the concepts of value, hue and composition in mind. The ideas and basis for my images come from places I’ve visited, objects I observe, and people with whom I’ve the pleasure to meet. Art is a portable medium that anyone can take along on hikes, in the garden and in among a population. After moving to Arizona, I’ve concentrated more on oils and pastels in plein air to further work on converting the light, atmosphere and feeling of a place to an artful expression worth sharing with others. Currently, I’m a member of the APAA, Sonoran Arts League, and Arizona Plein Air Painters.

Try to imagine the feeling of warmth on a summer beach, the breeze on a mountain trail, sunrise across the desert or the mood of a day when you observe art, and you’ll experience what the artist attempts to portray. The creativity of art contributes to keeping life at its fullest.

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